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thru th fire


When thou pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you: when you walk through the fire, you shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon you.

We think this is someone doin somethin to us…enemy warriors or watever…but this describes flesh where th enemy of God works thru bc his weapons are carnal…sheatan weapons are carnal…by Christ, sheatan weapons are impotent…

When we are tempted….when it seems like th enemy will overtake us…in sin or sufferin or watever flesh…God says He is wit us n the floods n fires wont overtake us…

He says when u pass thru…not if…

Th gr8 commisiion…preach th gospel to all nstions….He talkin bout th nations IN us…th place where flesh wars against h Spirit n th Spirit conquers n Christ rise up in that place n rules where th enemy held u…

Waters …rivers …fire….th weapons of th enemy are always carnal –of blood– which is wat flesh is…remmy adam blood in his face…thats wat flesh is…earth blood…

But th blood of Jesus is gr8er…Jesus got me…dont gotta watch my back…

Errbody in Christ is in His care….we are safe n secure in Him…

No mo runnin…stand still n see th salvation of th Lord…



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Born of th Spirit of God, as Jesus said...You must be born again...except you born of th Spirit of God you cannot enter His Kingdom... and walkin in the newness of life ...

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  1. Charlene
    January 20, 2016

    Love that, wow.. conquering nations in us. I never realized it before tho I knew He conquered us one by one.. like a King coming into His kingdom n establishing rule over every tribe, every place.. we r under a new law, the true law, which is Christ as the end of all things, n the creator of all things new.

    • g
      January 21, 2016

      Yah…He showed me yrs ago how ppl wanna go somewhere to preach to someone else …but Christ is IN us…converting us…removing every stone tilling th soil, refeeshing, uprooting, plznting…all He doin , He doin IN us…everywhere th apostles went changed them…it say how ppl were added to there numbers but we dont knoe anythin abt those…we do know peter ws called out fa opposing th Lord n revealed abt th callin of yh gentiles n every proson paul ended up in was where he got gr8er rev of Chtist n new life….john saw much revelation on patmos n ended up in a place where all he knew of Christ wasnt enough…he needed to know that th Lamb was worthy to open th scrolls…so while we dont know who th gentiles were that concerned peter or who th other prisoners were that paul was wit or who else was on patmos wit john…we do know peter paul n john were changed by th inner work of th indwelling Spifit of God…its nevercabt who we sent smong …its always abt th ONE in us who never sleeps or slumbers …

      • Charlene
        January 21, 2016

        Sooo true! People preach, but no one is ever truly changed.. men make an effort to be righteous, but it can only be outward. He has the power to transform us from within & the outward is only a result of what is in us. Agreed.. just as it was for Peter, Paul & John who were changed by Christ alone, so it is for us.. all His body will be transformed by Him. Thats how we know Him & He knows us.. cause He knows Himself.

      • g
        January 21, 2016

        Love that…He knows Hisself…my Lord said to my Lord…

      • Charlene
        January 21, 2016

        Ahhhh.. exactly! The Lord said to my Lord said David.

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