Overflowing Wine

heaven n earth


genesis declares that God made heaven and earth…

tbis is adam…formed of earth but became living soul when God breathed into him…

rev declares a new heaven and a new earth…this is th new creation…not formed of earth but born of th Spirit of God…not breathed into but th Spirit of God indwells th new creation and never leaves…

th old heaven n earth pas away…th new heaven and earth is eternal…

here is th temple of God comin down frm heaven…th city whose maker is God…His dwelling place made fa Him by Him…th new creation born of His Spirit that is His dwelling place foreva..

here is th new thing God did…do u perceive it?


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Born of th Spirit of God, as Jesus said...You must be born again...except you born of th Spirit of God you cannot enter His Kingdom... and walkin in the newness of life ...


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we are the clay

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