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filthy rags


Even our giving must be by Christ. When the Lord speaks of our righteousness being as filthy rags He is not speaking about the righteousness that man decides is righteous.  He is speaking about true righteousness being worked by the arm of flesh. That is a filthy rags.

If we give apart from Christ it is a filthy rags. But when giving is by Christ in us then it is the righteousness — meat — doing the will of the Father. The apostles said gold and silver I have not but what I have I give to you. What we have is given freely to us by the Father.  Let each man set aside as the Lord has given him. This does not speak of the wealth of the world. Because God does not give filthy lucre. God is not a distributor of fortune. We are freely given Christ. And it is Christ and Christ alone that we give…

just as no man is the shepherd apostle prophet teacher preacher, because all is Christ and Christ is all… So we do not decide how Christ should meet a situation or wat any person needs…but we wait on Him and he pours out according to His will. We are silent in the assembly and Christ alone speaks.



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  1. g
    June 8, 2014

    i found out th ppl who are volunteering to work are actually bein paid by their job…. apparently businesses pay their employees to volunteer in th community…so even tho th non profit isnt payin em…they arent actually donatin anythin cuz its really an extension of their job…i never heard of this b4…but makes me remember ananias and saphira who wanted th reputation fa doin wat th others did without actually doin wat th others did…other volunteers give cuz they feel good abt givin and so the worlds givin is all selfish and self servin…when Christ gives theres no flesh in it…theres no self at all …its only Him and is receieved as somethin frm God alone (let ur light–Christ–so shine they will glorify God)…God is never glorified by th arm of flesh…even if flesh declares its frm God…God is only glorified by Himself…i remmy when i first knew Him…i said…God is God all by Himself…i declared it…tho it didnt come frm me but thru me….

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