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Israeli Apartheid

israel’s occupation on stolen land and its rabid christian zionist supporters recalls th bible belt in america that supported slavery, lynchings and segregation and backed it all up wit their versions of scripture… religions such as christian zionism wrest scripture to make their case and support sin; only those who are born of ht Spirit of God and who walk after th Spirit will see this occupation as th sin it is…


For most Christian Zionists, it is probably irrelevant whether or not the State of Israel is guilty of the crime of Apartheid. This is probably due to their unconditional allegiance to the Zionist State. They care little if Israel is guilty of discrimination against Palestinian Arabs. As far as they are concerned, Arabs in Israel and the Occupied Territories are persona non grata at best. At worst, they are irredeemable reprobates who desire nothing but the destruction of the Jewish people and the thwarting of God’s plan of salvation through Christ (even if they are Christian Arabs in the vast majority of cases).

The only crime the State of Israel can commit, in the eyes of Christian Zionists, is to give land rights and rights of self determination to Arabs. Stopping the dispossession of Arabs in Israel and the Occupied Territories is the only thing that Zionist Israel can do that…

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