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Christ is the Only True Fellowship


In our journey in Christ, we will meet many people and witness many different things. G and I talked about the narrow path many times, and how it is right in the middle of the broad gate and not off to the side on a lovely scenic path.. but right smack in the middle, BUT its going the opposite direction.. on this road, we will face many, bump shoulders with them, and get in their way many times.. its a difficult journey as we go against the tide of the world, but His path is before us, blazed before us… u know satan is all about being backwards (even in the occult) against Christ.. so the broad gate is backwards, as we head forward.. sooo much confrontation here in this life…

We will come to find ourselves in fellowship with some of them for a while.. but then come to realize that we were only tarrying on the same place temporarily, as our paths continue to cross over in completely different directions. This will be revealed by Him.. which reminds me of the verse saying that they did not continue with us, hereby we know they weren’t of us.

Then there are those who hang on to our every word, who are always watching, listening, and feeding off us.. we delight for a while that they are receiving from God.. but then He reveals they are only receiving from US.. and never bearing their own fruit, their own revelations.. cause all His sheep receive from God.. all sheep are fed from the Shepherd’s hand. These people are like the weeds that grow up upon the tree and while it seems like they are growing up, but they are only growing off us.. when Christ (and He is faithful) cuts them off (even if at the time we may not know why, or be able to put our finger on it).. later we come to find, they haven’t grown at all but have been at a stand still.. because their growth wasn’t from the Lord.

There will be many things we as His sheep will come across on this path.. but He is the faithful Shepherd who will not let us fall into traps, or be ensnared, or to have His truth be choked by weeds and thorns…

And how sweet it is to find a fellow one in Christ.. but it wont be like the world does it. People go off and play shepherd for themselves, and make their own assemblies, mixing in many wolves, serpents and perhaps a sheep or two (which will be called out into the fold in His time) into buildings made of bricks and stone.. but it is God that gathers us into His beloved Son, and we assemble into His body.. we are assembled in Spirit, building up the body of Christ, even if we are scattered into the world.. but if we meet, and fellowship, it can only be by Him.. no man can do this on his own apart from Him.

And the fellowship we have is in Christ.. light fellowships with light.. He in us is the light, and in Christ, we have all things in common. The same Spirit runs through us, like the life blood in His body, and its the life flowing thru us.. u know? We hear each other because of the same Spirit, and He gives us utterance in Him.. He fitly joins us together, hand to arm, foot to leg, but we all share the same head.. and He is our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our mind.. and the head controls how the body movies just like human anatomy.. we have true unity together this way.. gathered into a living body, and are the living stones that make up this temple.

The world has its own gathering too.. but its a corpse. They build up a dead man. There is no life in him.. and as the dead are, he is blind, deaf, mute and has his own spirit (the enemy).. we are joined together into one body with Christ.. but whoever lays with the harlot is one body with her. There are two bodies being raised up.. cause the wheat grows up with the tare. As the fullness of Christ (His body) is raised up, so is the fulness of the man of sin, the son of perdition, is raised up along with us.

Like the tower of babel.. God didn’t destroy it at the foundation, but let it be raised up in its fulness to be cast down. So it is with the enemy.. the fullness of time will come, and the enemy will be at the highest, a whole wicked man, and Christ will destroy Him in a moment.. not even a battle, or a fight (oh but they will gather up to fight anyways but He will not give them that privilege) and at the height of their glory (see how they think they can overcome Christ?) they are fallen in a day.

g:  Your word is as honey in my mouth but bitter in my belly…and so th work begins in us…

satan crawls on his belly and eats dust (adam) and ‘their’ belly is ‘thier’ god; but we are fed by th very food that kills off old flesh and separates us to Him…His Word.–th Word of God is in us destroying the kingdom & works of the enemy…casting down every thought that exalts itself against th knowledge of God and taking every thought captive to Christ…and we are raised up a Spirit man (renewed mind, th mind of Christ), th image of Christ (in us)…

But the bride is seen seated in heavenly places with Christ, clothed with the sun (Son), and the moon under her feet (the false light of satan– the serpent she tramples on in Christ). We are victorious in Him.

And we know we have this fellowship, because our fellowship is in the Father and Son.. not out of obligation, or doctrine (which is flesh)… but Spirit. Fellowship is translated from a word that means to be partakers, and to belong.. also to eat and drink.. and we walk in the light because we have fellowship with the Light. We walk in Spirit because we partake in the Spirit. We eat and drink of Christ.

So much there is to fellowship, and He speaks of heavenly things and not earthly things.


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  1. gianna
    May 10, 2013

    its really true..theres no fellowship apart from Christ…Christ in me and Christ in u…this is whats real …and so we hear th Lord and not flesh and share th bread He give each one…u know?

    and also loved th way u spoke truth about th journey….its not easy…wherever we go, Hes bringin us where He already is and its always fa His purpose in us…

    th harlot assemblies teach a ‘going into all nations’ thats outward (many will come saying there is christ , here is christ…and also, th Kingdom of God is within u not ‘out there’)…which keeps em in an ‘us and them’ mode; ..they is ever lookin fa th kingdom and never findin it bc th Kingdom of God is within us, His ppl….

    in Christ…th gospel is preached IN us, to th nations tribes and tongues we came outta but which are yet IN us (th natural mind), for conformin us to th image of Christ…bc its us who must be converted…not them…and its not posiible fa th unconverted to do anything but make someone else (outward) twice th sons of hell that they are…

    those who are Christ’s are first gathered IN Him…and then gathered together in this place, assemblled by the Spirit and gathered by Him alone and not by fliers, conferences, invitations, etc likke th harlot do it…

    as we are in fellowhsip with Christ, then we can fellowship wit each other–and only then…when th disciples ate, it was Christ who broke th bread and blessd it not the disiples; Christ gave to each and they didnt serve each other…they ate what was given to em by th Lord and shared that meal in that way…so it is wit our fellowship…we gathered in Him and eat as He gives us and share that meal together…all partaking of th Lord and none leading or directing but all are one together…

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