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birth death and new life…where the true heart is

poster salvation is found nowhere else

g:  th Lord use to speak to me of childbirth and how once th head comes thru, th hwole body follows…and He showd me how Jesus had to come, being our example (th whole body follows Him) at bein born, or we could not have been born of ht Spirit…He is th first fruits and our example…He showed us that we will be born of th Spirit, not by  man, not by a husband will,not by adam, but by th Spirit of God…

and He said that He opened th veil from inside being born (mary knew no man), man didnt open it from th outside entereing in (how can a man be born again and enter again into his mother’s womb)…th veil was rent from inside …not outside…

c: Aha, and last night He revealed to me that this is the crown of life that we receive.. same way they say that the child in birth is ‘crowning’ as it comes out.. we receive the crown of life as we are born as new creations. 

Love that about being born by the Spirit of God and not by will of man.. cuz the new creation is born and comes thru the veil by the will of God and is sent from God (opposite of man).. the veil was rent from HIS side, not ours. He is truly Sovereign.

It was also revealed to me not too long ago that Mary is the image and example (a foreshadowing) of the true bride.. the woman clothed with the sun, travailing in birth, and the man child is brought forth (Christ).. God puts His Word in us, it is conceived in us, and we bring forth Christ (inwardly then outwardly).

He is th head and really everything…absolutetly evertythin He said and eerything He did is fulfilling th law and th prophets…but bein born…that was a fulfillment of th new covenant…bc new life (He is th heart of flesh [living]) that th Father plants in us by His Word…and He is born as our example…not born of a husband will (mary had no husband) not born by man’s will or of adam (He was born sinless) but was born by th will of God, God spoke and mary concieved IN HER WOMB…see? how powerful is that????

again…not in her head (brain, where ppl think th soul or mind is)…and  not in that organ that man calls a heart…but in fact…this is th heart that God speaks of, where thinking …as it is written, God desires truth in th inward parts…here is where circumsicion of men is…in th generative organ (th place of new life, th seed, and its th seed of th woman that conquers th serpent, that crushes his head, and th seed of th woman is th enmity that God made between her and th serpent) , not in th mouth/tongue (as  wheere everyone think confession is made) but in th mouth of that river…th  streams of living water that flow from our belly…we see that in th birth of Jesus Christ…He is th streams of living water that flow from our belly (while in th harlot, their belly is thier god, as pertaining to meats) while we feast on th shepherd, our shepherd dont eat th sheep but we eat His body [bread of life] and drink His blood [living wter…th life [Holy Spirit] is in th blood] and He is planted in us, given to us by th Father…just as He was planted in mary, He spoke and it was…even by th angel gabriel…sending a messenger didnt even lessen th power of His Word…He spoke and it was…and she concieved in her womb…not a mere thought here but a baby was formed, th form of a man…a body was prepared fa Him…

God came into th world in th form of a man…

And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Philippians 2:8

He is always described as bein in th form or fashion of a man…and th Lord told me, while back…that it is our example, that He came in th form of a man, bc we also are of man, born in thiw world first, first th physical…then come spiritual, so th Lord came in th form of a man, not as adam but to be our example to love not our lives even unto death bc we have new life and are new creations by th Spirit of God…

God [who is Spirit, th Holy Spirit] in Jesus = Christ

c: Aha, wow.. Christ is translated as Christos which means anointed one.. same as Immanuel, God is with us.

we also are filled wit th Spirit of God…th Spirit of God IN us is Christ in us…Jesus (our example of servant of God) is seated at the right hand of th Father; Christ remains…not that He isseparatedor countable asbeing 2, but that all of Him shows us something of God howto live in this world as citizines, as sons of th Father…u know?  im NOTsaying thqt Jesus and Christ are 2 separate individuals…im saying that He compleedth Fathers work, being an example to us of a son,aservant, a brotha,afriend, etc…and how we should livein this place,being citizens of another Kingdom entirely…

a new command i give to u…that u love one another…see?  fulfillment…by th OT there was law thaqt was followed in th flesh…but was imperfect bc it didnt change th heart of th old man so they continuedd to sin and had to ofer scrifice continually (contnuinginsin is crucifying Christ afreshinth newcovenant)

but Christ died once fa all and so no oher sacrifice is necessary bc by His death forgiveness is made and by His life we are gave a new heart (as th generative organs, th belly, which is where streams of living water [Christ in us] flow from)imsure i cant explain this well…am trustin th Lord to reveal to all as He revealed to me and so it received right…anyway…satan crawls on his belly and eats dust and their (unsaved) belly is their god (satan, th god of this world) and so it is lust of their flesh and not circumzieced (old flesh cut away)

also…th name mary…it means bitterness, or rebellion…u see? He made th bitter waters sweet, He healed th land…came to God haters, rebels, etc…and made His home with sinners…ahhhhhhhhhh th God who loves sinners so much, that He gave His life (Holy Spirit) so that we might have life abundantly…and we do…yes we do…in His laying down His life, He offered Hiself up a sacrifice to God and we also are a living sacrifice as He was our example…


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Born of th Spirit of God, as Jesus said...You must be born again...except you born of th Spirit of God you cannot enter His Kingdom... and walkin in the newness of life ...

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  1. cdbhomewardbound
    May 10, 2013

    Wow! I had never thought about the veil like that. So awesome. You know the biggest difference in the God we serve and all the other gods preached in this world? They have to build towers in an attempt to reach their gods. But our God tore the veil and came down to us.

    • Charlene
      May 10, 2013

      Truly yes, isnt that amazing?? It really changes the perspective.. that HE tore it down from HIS side.. and came TO us.. and FOR us.. but men who dont truly know Him are still building towers to reach Him everyday.. building up their own works, righteousness, and every effort possible to “reach” God.. tragic.

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