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marriage of th Lamb…body, flesh & bone

interesting conversation on facebook…be bless… -g-

g said: For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Ephesians 5:30-32

we are one flesh wit Christ (the Word became flesh)–th husband, as we are th bride of Christ, His body, th woman from His own side, as eve came from adam, so we came from Christ (created in Him; chosen in Him from b4 th foundation of th world)

th woman thats to keep silence in th assembly is subject to th husband and not to usurp authority…th woman isnt to usurp th authority of Christ…and we all, male and female, being no longer male and female are one body of Christ…

so that th bride of Christ isnt to usurp HIS authority (like th harlot do and has been doin since th time of th early church, as wolves entered in)…theres only one husband (Christ) and one wife (His Bride)…and she is to keep silence in th assembly…

meaning…male and female are to keep silence in th assembly and only Christ is to speak…she is to learn from her husband…her husband i Christ, not every man on th planet…and how sad that males have thought all women are to sit at th feet of all men…not recognizing that male and female are both th bride of Christ and are to sit at the feet of th only husband, Christ…and that He alone is to speak and th woman keep silence…

men have wrongly preached fa centuries that women are to submit to men; but Scripture says, a woman is to submit to her own husband…so that every woman isnt th wife of every man…and even by that superficial understanding, its not been understood…

so then, th woman who submits is th Bride of Christ, as surely we know not only is th harlot not a wife but we also know th adulteror isnt submitted her her husband too…but th submitted wife is th bride of Christ and th husband is Christ…

so then its th Bride of Christ (prov 31 woman) and Christ that are joined, th bride from His side as eve from adam’s side; and th Bride and Christ are one flesh (Word become flesh)

charlene said: Amazing revelation! Strangely, it never occurred to me before that we all as the Bride of Christ also follow the same marriage principle. He speaks, He teaches, as we submit ourselves unto Him and give him reverence. Thanks for sharing with us!

g said: i love how th Lord reveals Himself in us…He told me how male and female are th Bride of Christ (female) and male and female are th sons of God (male)…its why theres no male or female but all are one; we are one wit Christ, bein both sons and bride

we see in adam that th woman came outta him; but in Christ, its Christ who comes outta us (whats inside bears outward fruit; Christ is th stream of living water that flows from our bellies)

adam wasnt in eve but Christ is in His Bride…and His Bride is in Him (from His pierced side flowed blood and water–th Bride of Christ; Spirit and Truth)…so th woman comes outta th man Christ Jesus, but Christ comes outta th woman (fruit)

what comes outta adam defiles him, but what comes outta us is Christ and we arent defiled…th marriage bed (Christ & called out ones) isnt defiled

david said: Men like to use these same scriptures to keep women in subjection in the carnal realm. God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must do it in the Spirit and in truth. Paul even said that IN Christ there is neither male or female, Jew or Greek, bond or free. We are all ONE IN Christ. Awesome revelations, Gianna.

g said: th Lord told me…th water and blood are Truth (Word of God; Christ; water in earthen vessels at wedding becomes wine when poured out; shows Christ pouring outta earthen vessels) and Spirit (of God) which actually are one as Christ and the Father are one, but we see as separate, same we see the blood on th door posts, th lamb and th narrow gate as separate but they are actually one, bein all Christ th narrow gate, th blood of redemption and th lamb of God…

as its written…th life is in th blood…life bein th spirit either of God (Christ poured out His blood [life] unto death) –a reminder how th ‘blood of your brother cries out from th earth’ as in cain and abel–or th spirit of this world as in adam…so that Christ poured out His blood to th dead ones (death; dead in trespass and sins; bleached bones), as rain, as a drink [offering to th Father, fa sin] or a stream in a dry and parched land (th boens of ezekiel were dry and parche, not connected to a th head or each other [a way where there is no way, streams in th desert) …

david…u so right about how males have subjected females…not recognizin whats Spiritual and whats fleshly…both males and females are filled wit th Holy Spirit when born of th Spirit and both males and females are expected to reverence th husband, which is Christ…i also see where its written, that who is to be th husband of one wife and th woman to have only one husband…this again is Christ the husband and th called out ones are th wife…only Christ is th husband of one woman and only th called out ones are th wife of one man…israel was accused of adultery, but th called out ones, both jew and gentile since theres no jew or gentile but all are one, are not adultery, but th wife of one man, th man Christ Jesus…

david…i have always understood from th Lord, that th insistence to fit Scripture into flesh is what is meant by ‘walkin after th flesh to reap corruption’…or takin whats spiritual (beginnning in th Spirit, such as Scripture which is of th Spirit) to finish in flesh …when harlot assemblies are built using Scripture to support man’s agendas, whether its subjection of females to males or th subjection of whole communities to one pastor on a stage/pulpit, its all fleshly and it begins (takes what is of God) wit Scripture but finishes in flesh…so th fruit isnt Christ and so th branches which dont have Christ as fruit are cut off and fit fa th fire…



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