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Good News. Period. (via One Passion One Devotion)

dont wanna add anythin…excellent post… -g-

Good News.  Period. “So what is this good news? The refined and civilized version goes something like this: Jesus died and rose from the dead so that you can live a life of endless comfort, security, and indulgence. But really this is a bit too developed. Usually it’s more like this: if you’ll simply confess that you’re a sinner and believe in Jesus, you’ll be saved from the torment of eternal hellfire, then go to heaven when you die. . . . The call of Jesus is far … Read More

via One Passion One Devotion


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Born of th Spirit of God, as Jesus said...You must be born again...except you born of th Spirit of God you cannot enter His Kingdom... and walkin in the newness of life ...

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    June 16, 2010

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